La Minerva

Statue in La Minerva near Hotel Guadalajara

It is a circular fountain with a diameter of 74 meters. At the center of it is the statue of the goddess Minerva (the Roman version of the goddess Athena), which measures eight meters from head to toe. It is a female figure standing with the right leg slightly backward and the trunk slightly turned to give the impression of movement; She is wrapped in a two-piece tunic, sleeveless, cinched at the waist. On his shoulders and covering his chest he carries the aegis; in his head he wears a war helmet with a Roman-style crest. He holds in his hand a long spear or pike resting on the ground pointing up, slightly higher than the height of the crest of the helmet. In his left hand he holds an argolic round shield in whose center the gorgoneion appears; leaning against the floor and between her and the shield is a thick python. It stands almost at the center of the circle that forms the fountain on an almost cubic pedestal that is flanked by two long walls slightly lower than the pedestal. In these walls there are recorded two legends; on the front side: "JUSTICIA, SABIDURÍA Y FORTALEZA CUSTODIAN A ESTA LEAL CIUDAD" & "A LA GLORIA DE GUADALAJARA"

Av 8 de Julio 55, Zona Centro, 44100, Guadalajara, Jal. Guadalajara México