Templo de Santa María Gracia

Templo de Santa María Gracia near Hotel Guadalajara

This temple is the only thing that remains of the spacious Convent of Santa María de Gracia. Its construction began on April 7, 1661 and gradually improved until it achieved the austere and beautiful aspect that it still conserves today. It has three simple Doric doors, its thick and high walls are crowned with the images of saints of the Dominican order, it lacks towers and its dome is set in an oval ring, its drum is octagonal and has eight curved pediment windows. In the 80's the temple was closed for 11 years, during which time it was used to clean, repair, paint, decompress and others, remaining as we see it today, opening in 1989 again to worship, showing its clean quarry and its floor of wood. The interior is of a single ship with simple ornamentation, highlighting its altars of the Corinthian order. In the sacristy you can admire paintings of great value from the mid-sixteenth century.

 Av. MIguel Hidalgo y Costilla 156, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal. Guadalajara México