Plaza de Los Mariachis

Models of soldiers, Plaza De Los Mariachis, Hotel Guadalajara

Plaza de los Mariachis is a square located in the center of the Mexican city of Guadalajara. It is located in the old neighborhood of San Juan de Dios. In 1964 it expands to a restaurant where the most traditional dishes from Jalisco are served, such as birria, pozole, meat in its juice and beer. That same year, the film Guadalajara in Summer is recorded, which tells a story of love within the city. In 1968, with the Olympics in Mexico, the square achieved recognition. It was when tourism recognized this place as the first plaza of the Mariachis of the world and the visitors who came to the second largest city in the country coexisted and had its internationality.

Calle Álvaro Obregón 23, San Juan de Dios, 44360 Guadalajara, Jal. Guadalajara México